Robert Pittenger (@RepPittenger) Will Fund Obamacare

Congressman Robert Pittenger knows better than his constituents. They want him to defund Obamacare. But he is going to fund it. He won’t even try to fight. His votes against Obamacare have been symbolic, but when faced with an opportunity to truly undermine it, he will pass.

As Mike Lee and Ted Cruz repeatedly say, you can’t really claim to be opposed to Obamacare if you’re going to fund it. And likewise, just because John Roberts claims it is a tax, does not make it a tax and does not really make it constitutional. Robert Pittenger swore to uphold and defend the constitution. But he is going to fund Obamacare.

Watch this video:


His office phone number is (202) 225-1976. You might want to call him and tell him he is wrong.

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