North Carolina’s Dwindling Conservative Talk Radio

North Carolina’s Dwindling Conservative Talk Radio

Outrage in Wilmington as ‘Big Talker’ station removes Hannity, Levin, Boortz…
Zzzzzz…replaced with 3 hours of ‘America’s Radio News Network,’ Dave Ramsey, ‘Free Talk Live’…WHO?
Explanation for Wilm. talk station shift: ‘We want it to be perceived as non-biased journalism’
Mark Levin removed in Wilmington, Raleigh in favor of Michael Smerconish
‘Conservative’ Smerconish endorsed Obama in 2008
Philly-based host urged ‘moderation on social issues in order to advance a suburban agenda for the GOP’
Clear Channel removes Jason Lewis from Raleigh’s WRDU
Replaces Lewis with former press flack for Joseph P. Kennedy II
Follows conservative Matt Mittan’s ‘firing’ of Clear Channel in Asheville…
Near-departure of Keith Larson in Charlotte
Wilmington’s WAAV to replace Glenn Beck with Geraldo in mid-August
WFNC-Fayetteville replacing Neal Boortz with Geraldo
ALSO: Charlotte’s WBT dumped conservative Coakley for liberal duo…and others…
‘Calculated move on the station’s part to curry favor with the left’…as DNC comes to town
WBT takes Jason Lewis off too…just brought him back in April 2011!
Wilm. radio host Chad Adams leaving The Big Talker FM…
With departure of host Chad Adams, Big Talker Radio in Wilm. converts to all-news format…
‘The real threat to conservative talk radio is not what you think’

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