How can Congressmen do their job if they don’t listen to you?


Let’s not beat around the bush: it’s your Congressman’s job to listen to you. That means he or she should be holding townhall meetings this month during August Recess.

Are your Congressmen holding townhalls? You can find out at the link below. If they’re not, you can demand it.

Find your Congressman’s townhall or demand one here.


Some Congressmen are avoiding their constituents because they aren’t doing everything they can to stop ObamaCare. Don’t let them hide from you!

Your Representatives and Senators ought to be supporting Senator Mike Lee and Rep. Mark Meadows in their effort to STOP funding for ObamaCare. As an American, you deserve health care freedom and representatives who are willing to fight for it.

So will you ask your Congressmen where they stand? Will you demand to be heard?

Demand a Town Hall from your Congressmen during the August recess.

Government goes to those who show up. If you don’t show up, Obama’s Progressive allies will. Don’t let the Left beat us!

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe Signature

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

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