This is Rowan’s “Concord and Lexington Moment”

Return America Bulletin| August 14, 2013


The Rowan County Commissioners have been told by a Federal Judge in Greensboro that they may no longer pray sectarian prayers.  Praying in the Name of Jesus is now off limits.  The opposition and media are vocal against their willingness to pray a Biblical prayer.  It is past time that the Church stand up and draw a line in the sand!  Return America has called for a large gathering of concerned citizens in Salisbury on September 16, 2013, at 5:30 PM.  The Rowan County Commissioners will have their meeting at 6:00 PM that evening.

We need a large crowd both inside the building and on the sidewalks to send the strongest signal possible that we support the right of the Rowan County Commissioners to pray as our Founding Fathers historically had the freedom to do.  Their opposition, though in the minority, is speaking louder than the Church.  State after state is falling to the liberal elitist simply because the largest group of people in America—the Church—has lost their ability to fight.

We need this rally to encourage the Rowan County Commissioners.  The pressure is mounting against them!  They need to understand that we are counting on them to stay strong in this ungodly fight. This fight is about the very foundation of America!

 We are asking pastors to do the following:

  • Continually share this information with your church
  • Get your church committed  to attend this rally
  • Plan on bringing buses, vans and whatever transportation is available.
  • Explain to your congregation the importance of this event and have them stand and commit themselves to attend the rally.
  • Get a count of those standing and call 336-785-0529 with the count by September 11, 2013 so we can better prepare for this important event.
  • Share this information with as many people as possible (see download).
  • This would be an appropriate day for people to take a day of vacation to stand up for the cause of Christ.

Attorney David Gibbs, III, will join me for this important event. We are planning for a large number to send a strong message across our nation that the fundamental belief system of true-blooded Americans needs to be put back in place.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, my patience is about exhausted. The movement to purge Christianity from our landscape must end!   We must equal and surpass the determination of those who oppose our historical belief system. If it cannot begin anywhere else, then let it begin with us!  Let’s line our cars and buses from the Rowan County Commissioners meeting to the Interstate.

We will be sending you location and parking information as the deadline nears.

This is our time to stand!  May our voices be heard loud and clear because of your participation!

Thank you—We are depending on you!

Dr. Ron Baity, President
P.O. Box 380 | Wallburg, NC 27373
(336) 407-6406

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