Gov. McCrory Asked for YOUR Help – NO VETO OVERRIDE on H786 – Jobs for Illegal Aliens

TEA Party Patriots and Conservatives~ 
   Please contact your Reps. and tell them NO veto override for H786 – Seasonal jobs (construction, hotel/motel, restaurant/fast food, landscaping/yard to name a few) should go to legal North Carolinians/legal workers, NOT ILLEGAL FOREIGN LABOR.)
   We have until September 4th. Please share with your groups. We have national support, but we must make our own effort to stop the flood of illegal aliens from entering NC for jobs.

Gov. McCrory Needs Your Help to Kill H.786
Asking for NC voters to call state legislators to “sustain”
his veto of bill gutting E-Verify

Please see the alert below from NC FIRE, one of FAIR’s partners in North Carolina.
Dear North Carolina FAIR Supporter,
Last week, Governor Pat McCrory vetoed H.786, the RECLAIM NC Act. This bill would have harmed North Carolina workers by creating a loophole exempting nearly every illegal alien from the state’s E-Verify law. E-Verify is a federal program through which employers verify that their workforce is legally entitled to work in the United States.
Now Gov. McCrory has asked for help from NC activists like you! Please take a few minutes today to help McCrory protect NC workers by making sure his veto stands. 
In a video message, he appealed to voters to contact your legislators in Raleigh and urge them to “sustain” his veto. By “sustaining” his veto, the legislators show that they support Gov. McCrory’s veto of H.786. He explains: 
This law was originally designed to help our farmers but what was created was a loophole big enough to drive a truck through that many business can abuse through the state at the expense of our North Carolina workers. This legislation is unfair to legal North Carolina residents and employers who are working hard to follow the law.
The intentions behind these bills were well-meaning, but sometimes good ideas get fouled up in the legislative process. Therefore, I vetoed those bills, and now I need your help. Call your legislators and urge them to sustain the vetoes! 
We need a huge response! Gov. McCrory has asked for help, so let’s help him! 
James Johnson
P.S. If you missed Gov. McCrory’s video message, watch it here!
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