When do I need a photo ID

Here are a few I could think of.  Can you think of others?

1.  Taking the ACT/SAT exams for college

2.  cashing a check

3. buying a gun

4. applying for a job

5. flying

6. getting married

7. seeing a doctor

8. getting a passport

9.  redeeming a large, winning lottery ticket

10.  purchasing  liquor

11. taking professional exams like CPA, law, etc.

12. buying a car

13.  getting a hunting or fishing license

14. applying for food stamps or public housing;

15.  entering any federal building

16. taking a tour of the governor’s mansion

17. applying for Social Security and Medicare.

18.  opening a bank account


20.  to get a student discount (must show a student ID)


Can you think of others?

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