ACTION ALERT: Grass Roots North Carolina will oppose anti-gun Starbucks boycott

Grass Roots North Carolina will oppose
anti-gun Starbucks boycott
When USA Today described Saturday’s planned boycott of Starbucks, it said: “The Starbucks siren suddenly has a gun to her head.” But it failed to note the irony that the “gun” in question is not being wielded by gun rights supporters, but rather by gun ban advocates.

And why are gun ban advocates frothing like high-dollar latte? Because the coffee chain simply doesn’t want to get involved in the gun debate, instead deferring to local law with respect to carrying firearms in its outlets. The chain doesn’t want to be pro-gun or anti-gun, it merely wants to be left alone. Such is the extremism of gun ban advocates that they will no longer tolerate a chain which just wants to be neutral.

‘Support Starbucks Saturday’

To counter the anti-gun “Skip Starbucks Saturday,” Grass Roots North Carolina is advising its 60,000 North Carolina email alert recipients to “Support Starbucks Saturday” by not only buying from the chain, but bringing friends and relatives.

Statement from GRNC President Paul Valone:

“Gun rights supporters find it sad that Starbucks, which is just trying to sell coffee, finds itself in the crosshairs of a few radicals who seek to curtail not only the right to bear arms, but also the property rights of merchants.”

” As reported in polls by both CBS News and the Pew Research Center, public support for gun control is waning. ‘Support Starbucks Saturday’ is GRNC’s way of letting Starbucks and other merchants know that despite the frothing of a tiny number of extremists, mainstream Americans support merchants who support their rights.”

How gun owners will show solidarity

Below is a coupon which GRNC is asking gun owners to print and turn in to Starbucks managers when they patronize stores.


  • Buy from Starbucks Saturday and bring others; and
When you visit Starbucks (if not Saturday when you can) hand staff a printed message. Doing this will provide hard, physical evidence of our organized support.


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