Vote NO to override 786 – From a U.S. Veteran and NC Conservative

Sent: Fri, Aug 23, 2013 5:02 am
Subject: Vote NO to override 786

Rep. Speciale
Senator Sanderson,

There may be some good things in this bill, but watering down the E-Verify program by changing the definition of “employee” from 90 days to nine months…  it just as well not be there at all.

E-Verify takes very little time, and is one of the most accurate federal programs out there.

The governor was right to veto H-786, Reclaim Act. America is in the midst of the largest invasion in world history. That is a fact, not merely alarmist rhetoric.

Pandering to employers who benefit from hiring illegal aliens depresses wages, increases crime, undermines the rule of law, and will accelerate the demise of our republic.

Removing incentives that draw illegal aliens here is a must. (See U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.)

Jeff Lewis
Vanceboro, N.C.

National Director, FIRE Coalition
National Director, Patriot Coalition
Project Director: The Intolerable Acts ACTION CENTER
Phone: 252-876-9489
FIRE Coalition Blog:
Patriot Coalition Blog:

Patriot Coalition LIVE!


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