CONSTITUTION DAY RALLY, Saturday, September 28

Saturday, September 28, 2013

10:30am until 5:00pm

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Come on down! The 3rd annual North Carolina CONSTITUTION Day TEA Party Rally (aka GREAT GATHERING of the TEA Party) takes place on Saturday, September 28 from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Last years event was a huge success with hundreds in attendance thru out the day. We will be at the beautiful natural amphitheater called Jomeokee Park in Pinnacle, NC. It is 15 minutes north of Winston Salem and only a short distance off of Highway 52. There will be a lot of great things scheduled, a family oriented event, great …music and just a great time to gather with other like minded individuals across the state and region. There is no cost to attend, it’s FREE!!! Did he say FREE? Yes, Yes he did! If your TEA/Conservative group or a vendor and would like to be a part of this event, please get in touch with us. Let’s make this the BIGGEST TEA Party event across the region and what better time to do it than during September, the month our forefathers signed the Constitution of the United States of America!

Tea Parties and like minded people from across America are invited to band together in a display of UNITY. Celebrate the 226th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution as we reaffirm the common goal to restore our founding principles to our Constitutional Republic. It’s all about freedom, liberty and one nation under God. A family friendly affair with music, speakers, faith and fellowship.

Speaker Lineup to date:
• NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest
• Jan Morgan – award winning journalist, guardian of the Constitution, expert on radical Islam, Conservative icon from Texas
• NC Supreme Court Justice Mark Martin
• Lt. Col. Bill Cowan – Marine Corps Commander in Vietnam, numerous awards for valor in combat, FOX News national security analyst
• US Navy SEAL Ben Smith – spokesman for OPSEC, Operations Security. A man with a lot to say on past and current state of affairs
• Wild Bill for America – Marine Corps Vet, former US Deputy Marshall. Produces common sense Conservative commentary on topics of national interest.
• All NC Candidates for U.S. Senate have been invited
• Bill Flynn – Truth Broadcasting Radio Host of The Eagle AM980, 6th District Constitutionalist; author, latest book: “Unalienable”
• Major Dave – US Army Vet, videographer, event production, NC Conservative icon
• Scott Cumbie – Constitutionalist, Forsyth GOP Chairman
• Pudgy Miller – KIRP Keeping it Real With Pudgy Radio; small business ownerGreensboro NC
• Angela Cox – Texas Tea Party Leader, assists Veterans obtaining benefits, famous for the Burleson Declaration read on the US House of Representatives floor
• Candi Goldman – The Ponytail Patriot Blogtalk Radio Show from Georgia; leader in the ‘Smart Girl Politics’ movement
• Gadi Adelman – Senior Security Correspondent for Israel News Talk Network, host of “America Akbar” on Radio Jihad; terrorism, jihad, sharia expert
• Bill Looman – Marine Corps Vet. Small business owner. Constitutionalist. The first to be visited by Secret Service under Obama, even before Ted Nugent
• James Manship – Chairman of Washington Institute for Statesmanship Education, George Washington Living History speaker and reenactor
• Tea Party/Grassroots Speakers

Stay tuned as more details and event information will be added. Check back often for updates!

Got Gasden? Well, if you do bring those Gasden Flags. Let’s see a sea of yellow dotting the hillside. Tea Party/Conservative groups are encouraged to bring their organization’s banner or sign as we will place these down in front of the stage. You may bring other signs (message, protest) but those will stay with you in the location you will be viewing the proceedings and not placed down at the stage front. Please keep in mind that this is a family event so those signs shouldn’t be all too crazy like. We are not the PC Police but if one doesn’t pass our ‘not too crazy like’ muster please understand if we ask it be hidden or removed.

The following will be awarded on September 28 at the NC Constitution Day Tea Party Rally at Jomeokee. Your choice of a 9 MM, 380 or a hammerless 38. Second prize 20 gauge Rossi double barrel shotgun (donated by Terry’s Gun and Ammo, King NC). Several other prizes to be drawn are $125 conceal carry class by Pretty Pistols and a $100 class from Barry Vernon of Stokes Militia. $25 gift certificate from Shannocks Pawn in King, $75 dog stun gun and mace from Pretty Pistols. We will likely be adding more prizes to this list as well. Check back for additional items.
COST: $5 per ticket; 5 tickets for $20. This is our primary fund raising for the event and we encourage you to consider entering the raffle.

Should you be interested in a sponsorship or table space for your organization, we have three levels for this year’s rally:

Gold – $500
Stage time to speak on your organization, mission and what’s on your mind
Highlighted in our flyers and promotional materials
Top listing in our program
Periodic shout outs during the day from our stage announcers
Table space for your set up to distribute literature, sell membership and or items

Silver – $300
All the above except stage time

Bronze – $100
Table space for your set up to distribute literature, sell membership and or items

For Tea Party groups and other small groups on limited budgets, we will extend a table space for only $50 for you to promote your organization and distribute literature as you would like.

NOTE: All organizations and vendors securing table space need to bring their own table(s). Pop up type overhead tent covering the tables are allowed. Set up will generally be at the top flatter area between the parking lot and the stage. We can assist you in locating an area for your set up. The event is scheduled to kick off at 10:30 am and we ask that your set ups be complete before then. We will be onsite by 7:30 am.

Monies collected from sponsorships, table space, raffles, and donations are used to defray costs of putting on the event.

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