Letter-to-the Editor: The Downtown Central Office Gave Us a Lot of Laffs

Rowan Free Press

Jonathan Morris, U.S. Army Ranger Ret., Rowan County Sheep Baron

♦Simply and succinctly: I TOLD YOU SO.  The Taj Mahal’s LGC application never had a freakin’ chance.

I’m sorry folks I never disagree with any utterance coming out of the Rowan Free Press.  They always get it right.  Every single prediction and word printed here is rock-solid and well-researched.  The RFP said Pierce and Caskey would win and worked behind the scenes to make that happen.  The Editor discovered the probable groundwater contamination at the South Main Money Pit. He knew from his copper mining days when a water table was breached.  He broke the stories about the city’s wrongful terminations, the collapse of city services, the police civil rights violations suits and settlements. He reported what happened to the city’s badly treated forcibly annexed.  He said the County Airport would get de-annexed and smiled at the city’s “special criteria” and “two-part litmus test”. Way back when Steve outed the Fibrant bunko.

Steve studied all those…

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