Yesterday, GRNC announced its new NC Gun Blast program, and gun owners around the state responded in droves. If you’ve already sent a request to subscribe to NC Gun Blast, or if you plan to send a request, we thank you, and you should give yourself a pat on the back!

We are sending this update to let you know that GRNC volunteers are working as quickly as possible to get everyone into the new NC Gun Blast system to give you the opportunity to help us “do the impossible” (keep the anti-gun crowd honest). In the meantime, we are providing you with a list of current news items that need your attention. Please see directly below for links. Clearly, we’re in a target-rich environment, so have a look and “blast away!”

(Should you need it, below these links is further explanation of NC Gun Blast.)

1. New gun law concerns CMPD but not for the reason you think

2. New Firearms Rights Laws in Effect Oct. 1 for North Carolina

3. No guns at Duke

4. NC restaurants consider allowing patrons to carry guns

5. Concealed Handguns In Locked Cars On School Property AllowedTuesday

6. New Gun Law Takes Effect Tuesday, ECU Sends Out Reminder About New Rules

7. Business says no to new gun law

8. More than 50 new laws begin today in NC – Abortion, gun rules change

9. Guns allowed on campus as of today

10. Barbecue without bullets

11. Some Fayetteville business owners wary of new law allowing guns in bars

12. CMS says policing guns on campus will be tough

13. New gun law concerns CMPD but not for the reason you think

14. New NC Gun Law Takes Effect Tuesday

15. Handguns are now legal at my daughter’s elementary school

It is quite encouraging to be overwhelmed by the first wave of subscription requests. As problems go, it’s a good one to have. If you haven’t yet signed up for NC Gun Blast, there is a link below that will lead you to an explanation, and tell you how to subscribe to this free service. You’ll be seeing the NC Gun Blast updates in your e-mail inbox, regularly, very soon. Thanks to all of you!

To learn about GRNC’s “NC Gun Blast,” click here.

Or go here:

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