iCaucus Questions the Integrity of Dr Mark Harris

The Question of Integrity

Posted by on October 31, 2013 · 

The integrity of  iCaucus, its affiliates and members have been impugned by Rev. Mark Harris, an NC Senate candidate, resulting in action being required on behalf of all those involved. In addition, there have been unnamed people attending various events with our affiliate groups stating the same erroneous information.  

This has been reported at various events, but most recently by Rev. Mark Harris answering one question he was asked during a Buncombe County GOP meeting. When asked why he didn’t participate in the iCaucus vetting and endorsement process he responded that he wasn’t contacted. This is untrue and Rev. Harris knows this. He chose not to respond truthfully to avoid explaining why his Senate candidacy was on again, off again in early Spring and Summer, an issue iCaucus has already had to answer to.  

His lack of firm commitment to running shows a disregard for the very citizens whom he wants to garner votes from.  These same actions were used by the establishment GOP in 2010 and 2012 to try to derail other citizen-endorsed iCaucus candidates.

They do not want We the People choosing their own representation; they want to choose and then tell the citizens whom to vote for. They make it appear that you have a choice of some great candidates but the truth is they will vote the party line and not Constitutional principles. Nor will you be able a to hold them accountable because their loyalty is NOT to We the People but to the party.  

This particular candidate is a perfect example of exactly what our process is designed to uncover.  A person who has a title that should inspire trust and already is compromised to the point of speaking untruth thereby creating ethical, moral, and integrity questions before even fully announcing his candidacy on Sept 15, 2013, let alone actually being elected to office.  It’s simple, if he speaks untruth now, how can anyone expect him to live by his Oath of Office?

 All back up documentation showing all correspondence pertaining to this candidate can be found HERE. 

Help support our iCaucus endorsed candidate for US Senate,Dr. Greg Brannon.  Louis Stannard, author of China Diaries, is donating all of the proceeds to his book for the month of November to Dr. Greg Brannon’s campaign.  December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, is fast approaching.  This makes a great Christmas gift.  See here for information to help a great cause!  http://ashevilleteapac.org/?p=1894

Dr Greg Brannon, endorsed by Rand Paul, is a further endorsement that he is the anti-establishment candidate to take on and defeat Incumbent Senator Kay Hagan in November and  Thom Tillis in the primary who is supported by none other than Republican old guard, establishment Carl Rove.  Mr. Rove is fund raising for Mr. Tillis.  Mr Rove has a super pac to defeat constitutional candidates.   If you want more like iCaucus endorsed Senator Mike Lee, Reps  Mark Meadows, Jason Chaffetz, Jeff Duncan and others, continue your unabated support for Dr. Greg Brannon. We need more Ted Cruz’s in the US Senate and Dr. Brannon is that person.  Let’s make real change in DC so we can get back to our First principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual rights and real free market capitalism. http://gregbrannon.com/home

 iCaucus is working hard to assist you and our endorsed candidates.  Please donate to pay for those tools.  

New and exciting things are happening at iCaucus National!  iCaucus has caught the attention of some Hollywood conservatives willing to assist in propelling iCaucus into the National spotlight.  iCaucus is now working with several other conservative news sites where iCaucus articles are being crossposted to educate, inform, and bring others into participating in the full electoral process.  Many of our endorsed or those going through the process are now gaining the attention of National bloggers who have become the new media as they have had introductions by other organizations participating through iCaucus.  All of this shows great promise for the 2014 elections and beyond.  Help us continue to assist you and our endorsed representatives by donating whatever you can today!  We are all working hard to help you.  We are all volunteer and 100% of what you donate goes to pay for the tools to vet, endorse, and elect principled candidates.  You can donate HERE


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