Reenergizing the GOP

Reenergizing the GOP

This editorial is the viewpoint of Rick Johnson and does not necessarily represent the view of the local Tea Party or its leadership.

The Key is the Precinct Chair

Before I go one line further and John Leatherman has a stroke, let me say I am not advocating a coup of the Rowan GOP.
Relax John, we still want to work within the party.

Now, on with the show.

Over the years I have heard hundreds of people complain about the direction our country is headed. Each complaint is normally accompanied with a sincere question, “What can a simple citizen do?” I have studied this over the years and I believe I have come up with a very simple solution, we need to get off our butts and get involved.

For decades the average citizen has trusted their elected officials to represent them honestly and fairly. For the most part, we have been happy with the system we have in place. We elect leaders and we let them lead. This worked well as long as we had leaders in place who understood the Constitution and their Constitutional responsibilities.

As time passed we became too comfortable with this process and stopped keeping watch over the process. This has resulted in a bloated behemoth which is taxing and spending us quickly into 3rd world status.

So, how do we take our country back?  I believe we do so by taking back the local Republican party and the first step is to control the local precincts.

Here is the strategy: volunteer to become the GOP Precinct Chair or vice chair or at the very least a committee member for your neighborhood.  If you decide to be a leader and become the Chairperson, you have a vote in the Rowan County GOP and at the GOP State Convention. Do you see how powerful this simple, local position can be?

OK Rick, you want me to be a chairperson? What will I be required to do?

Here is a very simple outline of your responsibilities.

Get the Voter List from the Rowan County Precinct Coordinator for your Precinct.  (The Precinct Coordinator can help you obtain this list.) 

You should visit, call, send notes, and invite everyone in the Precinct who is on the list Make yourself known.

Ascertain their views on critical issues such as abortion, Internet Filtering, Medicare, Obamacare, Prescription Drugs, School Vouchers, religion, liberal judges, fiscal attitude, illegal immigration, etc. Build a database of neighbors who are conservative, like minded  and who seek after traditional values.

Start to meet all those NOT on the voter list to determine who the Democrats and Independents are.

Add these to your database with notes. Try to define the Independents as to the issues. They might be amenable to voting conservatively in the right circumstances.

Stay in touch with all those who you have identified as “with you on the crucial issues. You will want to phone them on behalf of the best (in your view) candidates to get out the vote.

Be prepared to walk the Precinct with the candidates toward election time.

Attend all party meetings. This is where you get to influence the candidates as well as listen to their positions.

Relay the candidate’s stance to your priority database.

Remember the Precinct leads to the County, State and National Conventions. Nevertheless the business of all conventions is pretty much the same. At all but the Precinct Convention you have experienced fellow politicos to guide you, plus good information and training sessions from such organizations as theChristian CoalitionCivitasiCaucus, ect….

On average, this should take a couple hours a month. A few months outside of the election, the time commitment could increase. However, this is very little time when you consider the country and our way of life is at stake.

Sharon Mendoza is our Precinct Coordinator, please contact her and tell her you want be involved with Reenergizing the GOP.

Email her at


Rick Johnson

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