North Carolina Illegals Continue to get Driver’s Licenses

North Carolina, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA),  State Driver’s Licenses

The bill Rep harry Warren wrote which would give illegals a driver’s license was defeated however, illegals are still getting licenses through the D.A.C.A. Program.

Below you shall see a copy of the report I received from the NCDMV that details the number of DACA licenses issued by county and the total overall licenses issued since the program began in NC.

Rep Warren suggested mid-2013 that he will try again in 2014 or 2015 to give legal driver’s permits to illegals.  



 ALAMA        0000000296

ALEXA        0000000049
ALLEG        0000000004
ANSON        0000000123
ASHE         0000000013
AVERY        0000000007
BEAUF        0000000087
BLADE        0000000019
BRUNS        0000000040
BUNCO        0000000196
BURKE        0000000077
CABAR        0000000378
CALDW        0000000076
CARTE        0000000031
CATAW        0000000436
CHATH        0000000213
CHOWA        0000000012
CLEVE        0000000046
COLUM        0000000032
CRAVE        0000000045
CUMBE        0000000049
DARE         0000000056
DAVID        0000000325
DAVIE        0000000069
DUPLI        0000000176
DURHA        0000000586
EDGEC        0000000024
FORSY        0000000725
FRANK        0000000108
GASTO        0000000223
GRANV        0000000098
GREEN        0000000004
GUILF        0000000673
HALIF        0000000014
HARNE        0000000125
HAYWO        0000000026
HENDE        0000000224
HERTF        0000000008
HOKE         0000000101
IREDE        0000000181
JACKS        0000000022
JOHNS        0000000541
LEE          0000000224
LENOI        0000000162
LINCO        0000000061
MACON        0000000056
MADIS        0000000014
MARTI        0000000025
MCDOW        0000000055
MECKL        0000001294
MITCH        0000000005
MONTG        0000000124
MOORE        0000000090
NASH         0000000049
NEW H        0000000262
ONSLO        0000000030
ORANG        0000000268
PASQU        0000000007
PENDE        0000000011
PERSO        0000000032
PITT         0000000151
POLK         0000000006
RANDO        0000000598
RICHM        0000000038
ROBES        0000000225
ROCKI        0000000091
ROWAN        0000000181
RUTHE        0000000034
SAMPS        0000000220
STANL        0000000139
SURRY        0000000257
SWAIN        0000000008
TRANS        0000000019
UNION        0000000430
VANCE        0000000087
WAKE         0000001358
WASHI        0000000001
WATAU        0000000025
WAYNE        0000000281
WILKE        0000000061
WILSO        0000000195
YADKI        0000000162
YANCE        0000000028

TOTAL:        0000013902



More than 10 000 licenses in North Carolina DACA

In one year, USCIS approved 15,028 requests for NC
Created on 21 August 2013
Written by Eloy Tupayachi
Raleigh. – The deferred action program for childhood arrivals (DACA) is having a big impact in North Carolina where in one year more than 15 000 young immigrants received their work permits and more than 10,000 obtained their licenses through this federal immigration relief.
According to the latest figures from Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), from August 15, 2012 until July 31, 2013, 19,419 applications were accepted DACA to young people living in North Carolina, of which 15,028 already been approved.
Thus, North Carolina ranks seventh among states with more requests for DACA, beating Georgia and New Jersey who are more young immigrant population eligible for the program.
Furthermore, according to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) North Carolina has the highest rate of DACA applications in the country, with 74% of young people eligible for state benefit.
But one of the major benefits gained by young immigrants DACA has been the ability to have a license in North Carolina, document received over10,322 have already “dreamers” from the state Department of Transportation began to emit March 25.
According to figures from the latter one Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), until 15 August, most of these licenses were issued in the counties of Wake, with 973 of these documents delivered, and Mecklenburg, which brought 949.
They are followed by Forsyth County and Guilford issued 552 licenses, with 520. 
According to figures released by the DMV’s Up also are issued weekly average of 444 driver’s licenses to DACA beneficiaries.
“I think the deferred action was a victory for the movement of huge rights of immigrants,” said Moises Serrano, leader of the Change of Yadkinville. “I personally have seen several of my friends, family and members of my community get and that has provided an injunction of deportation, have been given a license and has restored the confidence and security to their lives.”
“Unfortunately people are getting deferred action believe that the battle is already gananda and keep fighting for the rights of the immigrant community. That’s the biggest challenge we have today, to convince the thousands of people who applied to DACA to join the movement for immigration reform that benefits everyone, “he added.


A report by the North Carolina sheriffs’ association revealed last month that between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, 4,511 foreigners were investigated under the 287g program, of which 3,359 were undocumented.

Of that total, approximately 3,182 were deported and another 177 had previous orders to leave the country.

Some 829, or 23 percent, were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and 1,215, or 33 percent, for minor traffic infractions.

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