Tea Party Responds to Obama: We Won’t Stop Protesting

Thank goodness we still have people who will stand up to the liberals in DC.
Check it out:

In his State of the Union response, Sen. Mike Lee tells Americans his group is ready to protest bad policy in 2014—again, on its own.

The rift between establishment Republicans and tea partiers has been growing steadily since the government shutdown last fall. In his response to the State of the Union address, Sen. Mike Lee may have stretched it a little bit wider.

“I’d like to speak especially to those Americans who may feel they have been forgotten by both political parties,” said Lee, before carving out the tea party’s congressional agenda for 2014.

The senator followed the Republican Party’s official rebuttal from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers—which struck a more harmonious tone—illustrating the GOP’s growing divide. “The Republican establishment in Washington can be just as out-of-touch as the Democratic Establishment,” Lee said.

The bulk of Lee’s response focused on the centerpiece of Obama’s own remarks, income inequality, albeit with a very different flavor. “Where does this new inequality come from? From government,” Lee said, later calling the health care law “an inequality Godzilla that has robbed working families of their insurance, their doctors, their wages, and their jobs.”


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