President Obama’s Signature Achievement, $1 TRILLION Cut from Medicare

If we didn’t have modern calculators or computers to confirm this figure, most people wouldn’t believe it’s true. But under President Obama and the Democrats in Congress, a full $1 trillion has been cut from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. 

But the figures don’t lie — $716 billion was taken from theMedicare Trust Fund and an additional $300 billion was cut from Medicare Advantage. The House Energy and Commerce Committee backed up these figures, noting that seniors will start feeling the cuts beginning this year with reduced care and doctor shortages. 

Some of the cuts are already being felt, with reports thatMedicare is no longer paying for certain preventativemedical diagnostic tests, including routine screenings forprostate cancer and mammograms. While some of this is due to bureaucratic mismanagement, as reimbursement schedules continue to shift due to Obamacare, it is a certainty that the full cost of more and more diagnostic tests ordered by physicians will make their way to elderly patients.
60 Plus Chairman Martin underscored the hypocrisy ofObama and Washington Democrats, who for years falsely attacked the GOP on the issue of Medicare. “This is yet another chapter in Barack Obama’s anti-senior citizenmanifesto. He remains far and away the most anti-senior President in our nation’s history. For years Republicans had to endure frivolous, false attacks from Democrats on the issue of Medicare, with accusations of gutting the program and attempting to ‘end Medicare as we know it.'”
Currently 28% of all seniors enrolled in Medicare also carryMedicare Advantage coverage. With cuts to the program, seniors will see massive price increases in premiums anddeductibles, or be forced to supplement their coverage through an outside plan such as those sold by the AARP, the largest organization that lobbied for Obamacare’s passage.
Martin concluded, “Congratulations Mr. Obama and AARP — you killed Medicare to grab the political power you always wanted. This is forever how you will be remembered.”
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