The First Question that Needs to be Asked

Stop the School Board Tax

We need Captain Obvious to ask the following question.

Which school board member is willing to waste $5,000,000 by building their own School Board Taj Mahal?

Couldn’t the $5,000,000+ better be spent repairing the dilapidated facilities our children are subject to on a daily basis?

The school board MUST have the courage to DEMAND they be moved into the Belk’s Building.  This would give the school administration more than enough room.  Dr. Moody said she needed 48,000 square feet.  The Belk’s building could easily give 60,000 square feet.  There would be more than enough space and it would be at a substantially reduced price.  

Don’t for a moment try to say the Mall is “dilapidated” and falling down.  The engineer’s report proves you wrong.   Even if you pay $1,000,000 for a new roof, you can turn the Belk’s building into the showplace of North Carolina for school administration.

The old…

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One thought on “The First Question that Needs to be Asked

  1. Would love to hear from an employee at the Elections Office to see what they have to say about moving to The West End Plaza out of their cramped office.

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