VIDEO: Tea Party vs Republicans

We only go after Republicans when they no longer uphold the Republican platform.  If they do not uphold the Republican party platform, they are not Republicans, they are RINOs. 

Has the Tea Party been taken over by neocons, or perhaps con men and shysters? Are Tea Partiers defeating their own agenda by fighting against establishment Republicans? These are good questions. In February of 2014 Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity had a “discussion” on these points. At a time (June 2014) when some are accusing that the Tea Party is dead, I find these questions worthy of some thought.

Give this some thought. Neither Coulter nor Hannity were considering any solutions other than political solutions. Consider also, Tea Teams USA is quite different from “The Tea Party.” God and Country Principles are the first item in our Mission Statement. Here is the video.

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