Another Wonderful Lesson Plan from Common Core

Wait Until You See This Graphic and Disturbing Lesson Being Taught to 7th Graders


This is a disturbing lesson that was taught at a middle school class at Churchville-Chili Middle School in New York. While Shaken Baby Syndrome is an issue that people should be made aware of, understanding the dangers of shaking a child in an attempt to stop them from crying, the lesson taught to 7th graders at this New York School crossed the line. 


EAGnews reports on a story that a mother shared with them. Her son was in the class who were taught this graphic lesson on Shake Baby Syndrome. The mother indicated that her son came home and was visibly upset. His emotions stemmed from the assignment that his teacher subjected them to. In an effort to teach the kids the dangers of shaking a baby, the teacher had the students complete a worksheet on the subject. Following the worksheet, students watched a video of a father, currently in jail, who shook his baby nearly to death because the child wouldn’t stop crying. It was at this time that the lesson took a strange and disturbing turn.

The teacher demonstrated shaking and killing the baby. Once done, she told the students they were going to take turns killing the baby and then warned, “Just don’t go crazy, the doll is heavy”.  They were instructed to shake it continuously as the ‘baby’ screamed and screamed until all the parts of the ‘brain’ had lit up indicating which part of the brain was being injured. They were instructed to shake the ‘baby’ until it was quiet. Until it was dead.  My son was the first to refuse to participate. He said his teacher was shocked. Others followed his lead.

About 4 boys and 2 girls participated in shaking the baby to death after the teacher demonstrated.  The reaction was mixed. Some students put their hands over their mouths, some put their hoods of there (sic) sweatshirts up and heads down on the desk. Other students seemed to find this activity amusing and one exclaimed ” Yes!!” when it was her turn to participate.   Some kids who found this HILARIOUS and beat the snot out of that ‘baby’ throwing it against the wall, smashing it into desks ect. until they rejoiced that the ‘baby’ was dead. 

Although Common Core proponents have stated on numerous occasions that the controversial curriculum has a focus on Math and English only, this graphic lesson featuring the killing of a ‘baby’ is touted as being aligned with Common Core.

While there may have been good intentions in this lesson, taught by a Mrs. Amory in a Family and Consumer Sciences class, was the graphic nature of ‘killing the baby’ truly necessary? 

EAGnews reports that the incident is currently under investigation by the school principal, Giulio Bosco.

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