City Council’s Cover-up of Doug Paris’s “Mutual Termination” and “Golden Parachute” Demands Investigation

Rowan Free Press

RFP Staff

♦ Even in a financially troubled city where its elected officials read scripts and defer to someone with obvious defects and a penchant for reality bending, limits exist as to what can be hidden by a “mutual termination” contract.  If a contract potentially hides fiduciary wrongdoing it can be unsealed or walked around by requesting “Freedom of Information Act” documentation.  Failure to respond to such document requests fires off alarms and raises a very dark cloud over city council.

Many Salisbury residents are just becoming aware of city council’s cover-up with its “mutual termination” agreement and its more than peculiar giveaway of a full salary “Golden Parachute” to someone who allegedly resigned.  City Council may read scripts, but quite a few of our citizens do not.

City Council needs to step up and do the right thing. They can reverse bad habits even it means divulging skeletons in the city hall’s brimming closet. Sooner or later if consciences go unanswered, present and former city…

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