No Mystery Exists about What Went Down in Salisbury’s City Hall. A Multi-Tiered Investigation Upcoming

Rowan Free Press

Steve Mensing, Editor

♦ What went down in city hall is no longer a mystery.  A small group of publically-spirited individuals are now gathering information provided by city employees, past and present, whistle blower documents, and other materials passed along from city hall.  The picture is quite clear.  There will be no moving on.

Without going into specifics, one individual “dropped the dime” on extraordinary raises for favored cronies and abused expense accounts.  No contract can protect anyone from wrongdoing.  Nor can a cover-up hide what a forensic audit will likely dredge up if it goes back a few years.  Before this is over, we expect a number of people to turn on each other with abandon.

There are too many employees past and present who witnessed what was happening and worked in a house of fear and intimidation.  They will talk when they are afforded protection.

William People summed it up:  “Somebody was asleep on…

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