Donald Ray Morgan, Alleged ISIS Terrorist Sympathizer, Once Shot Up “Las Palmas Restaurant” in Salisbury,N.C.‏

Rowan Free Press

Steve Mensing, Editor

♦ Salisbury, N.C. is once again in the news for a shooting, this one taking place in 1996 when ex-Rowan County Sheriff’s Special Deputy Donald Ray Morgan, alleged ISIS Terrorist Group Sympathizer, shot up “Las Palmas Restaurant” on what is now Brick Street.  At the time Donald Ray Morgan sent about 100 Las Palmas Restaurant patrons into a panic when he fired three 9mm Glock rounds through a glass door into the bar area.  One patron was nicked in the neck by shattered glass.  A friend, eating in the restaurant, pulled her sister down behind the bar area when she heard a glock’s pop–pop-pop and patrons screaming as they dove for cover on the floor.

Donald Ray Morgan, 26, at the time and living on 3121 Hodge Street in Rowan County, wound up being charged that night carrying a concealed weapon and discharging a weapon into an occupied space.  His brother Lenny Richard Morgan, 21, got charged with carrying…

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