The City of Salisbury, N.C.’s Non-Stop Setbacks. When will the State Intercede and Provide Legal Guardianship?

Rowan Free Press

John Q. Public, at Large

♦ It’s been a very long year.  The alliance between Jon Barber and the Salisbury establishment suffered a number of major setbacks.

• The FOIA emails revealing that the “mutually terminated” Doug Paris wrote Mr. Barber’s scripts against fellow county commissioners.

• The FOIA email where the former city manager Doug Paris wrote and directed a script for DSI’s Mark Lewis’s 329 S. Main command performance down at City Hall. “Look left, then look right…fetch a brick.”

• The ill-fated legal request by Barber’s attorney for an “outside entity” resulting in a criminal investigation into Barber’s alleged county’s color copier pilferage for a multitude of Barber’s “nonprofit business entities”.

• The revelation in FOIA emails of Phase I environmental reports outlining likely ground contamination in properties the city once considered building a Centerpiece Project ‘Needle Park’ and other failed build-it-and-they-will-come dreams.  “So many tanks–so little thanks.”

• The withdrawal of…

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