Jon Barber Plead “No Contest” This Morning for One Count of Misdemeanor Larceny. Must Pay Fine and Restitution

Rowan Free Press

RFP Staff

♦ William Sherrill Barber, III (Commissioner Jon Barber) plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor larceny in Rowan County Criminal District Court this morning before the Honorable Brent Cloninger, a visiting district court judge from neighboring Cabarrus County.  The prosecutor was Mr. Scott Harkey, from the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys

Prosecutor Harkey submitted a brief factual basis to the Court, stating that during the time alleged, Mr. Barber has been serving as a Rowan County Commissioner, with access to the Commissioner’s Suite, in which there is a “workroom” that gave him access to a copier, paper, and materials which Mr. Barber used to print “thousands of documents not related to county business”.  That in early 2013, Mr. Barber was confronted by fellow commissioners for making unauthorized copies, and that Mr. Barber had admitted and agreed not to make further copies.  And that “large-scale print jobs”, numbering…

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