At some point, surely just by the law of averages, some good news will come out of Obamacare. It has to happen. Sadly, today isn’t that day. With open enrollment set to open again on November 15th, we’re just now learning that hundreds of thousands of people using Obamacare will see their tax refunds go up in smoke in April.

One of the main benefits to signing up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act is that customers can use tax credits up front to reduce the size of their premiums. Unfortunately, many didn’t understand that they would be forced to pay that money back at tax time. With health insurance premiums rising in states across the country, this is just one more slap in the face for those who thought they were getting a good deal. Some married couples could wind up owing more than $2,500 when April 15th rolls around.

This isn’t all the fault of the healthcare law; it falls more closely under a widespread ignorance. Still, you can’t exactly blame people for not fully understanding a complex tax code, and to make people devise their health insurance around a complete understanding of said code is borderline evil. Obamacare’s customers are not typically the type that have a tax attorney on standby. Personal responsibility and all of that, but you can’t exactly blame poor people for not having the things rich people have. You certainly wouldn’t expect a Democrat-sponsored idea like Obamacare to expect such things of the poor. Entire Democrat careers have been built out of expecting absolutely nothing out of the poor.

This is just one more reason why Obamacare is bad for America. It’s becoming increasingly clear just how much damage this healthcare law is going to do to the economy, to the middle class, and to the national debt. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the government will spend almost $3 trillion dollars on the law over the next decade. That would be all fine and well, except that the law is leaving very few people better off than they were before it came into existence.

The Democrats have been touting this as a godsend for the lower middle class and the working poor since its inception. It turns out, though, that these people could be the hardest hit by the negatives. With tax subsidies, they’re able to afford insurance plans they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, but those plans come with a very limited selection of doctors. This selection is growing shorter by the day as healthcare providers realize what these patients will mean for their bottom line.

Now with many who failed to alert Healthcare.gov of income changes facing hefty tax bills next April, it leaves many wondering what the point of all this really was. Of course, conservatives and Republicans have seen this coming since day one. From the start, this was just a way for big government to stick their heads into another industry. Now that the government is involved in the health insurance business, what are the chances we’re ever going to get them out of it?


– See more at: http://www.leanrightamerica.org/uncategorized/200000-obamacare-customers-can-kiss-their-tax-refunds-goodbye/#sthash.mn04CuvC.dpuf

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