And You Still Send Your Children to Public Schools?

American children are beginning the new school year and walking directly into the Obama regime’s line of fire.

Over the summer as experts, Patriots and adherents of common sense were warning of an unprecedented health crisis due to the flood of illegal immigrants, the state-run media was decrying the “myth of the diseased immigrant”.

Now in the coming weeks propagandists will be working overtime to downplay the fact that more than 1000 children in 10 states have been hospitalized after being infected with a potentially fatal respiratory virus THAT was reported in February to have struck 25 children in California with sudden and irreversible paralysis.

The virus is called Enterovirus 68 (EV68) and it’s been plaguing the world’s developing nations for decades. The onset is marked by flu-like symptoms and for some victims infection will result in paralysis and even death. All twelve species of Enterovirus, including polio and rhinovirus (the common cold), mutate rapidly and are highly contagious.

EV68 was first isolated and identified in California in 1962. While the CDC has noted ‘clusters’ of the virus occurring in Europe, Asia and North America between 2008-2010, global statistics are inconclusive due to a lack of testing and inadequate documentation in developing nations.

However, in November of 2013 a study published by the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal (PIDJ) found that among 345 Honduran children, more than 75% were found to be infected with a respiratory virus, most commonly enterovirus.

Commenting on the ‘unprecedented’ number of children hospitalized under intensive care in Kansas City, the CDC said that the current number of EV68 cases may just be the tip of the iceberg. While not yet declaring an emergency, the statement released by the Centers for Disease Control said that only 79 cases of EV68 were recorded by the National Enterovirus Surveillance System in the past four years.

Initially, even members of Congress were not allowed to visit Obama’s ‘Dreamer’ kennels, even in their own states. Later, DHS allowed legislators to visit but required them to make an appointment weeks in advance and ordered them not to bring cellphones or cameras.

Considering the inhumane conditions of Obama’s immigrant detainment kennels, we should indeed expect that this epidemic is only the tip of the iceberg.

Since this summer, Obama’s ‘Dreamers’ have been sidestepping TSA security and boarding commercial airline flights to every corner of the nation including Alaska, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands.

Airliners are notoriously conducive to the rapid and widespread distribution of communicable diseases yet the Obama regime has been happily providing illegals with a free ride to the destination of their choice (funded by the US Taxpayer) but only after they’ve spent a few weeks locked up in overcrowded cages with others that are known to be carrying dangerous viruses and diseases.

Doctors have petitioned the CDC to address the crisis that has ravaged the immigrants as well as Border Patrol agents only to be threatened with imprisonment should they reveal what they’ve witnessed.

In Artesia, New Mexico a facility was forced into lockdown because of a chicken pox outbreak after Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson bragged about the DHS and their management of the facility while visiting earlier in the month. In other facilities Border Patrol agents have contracted scabies while caring for detainees.

Other diseases and viruses that could become pandemics this year include swine flu, Hantavirus, dengue fever (related to Ebola), measles, scarlet fever, yellow fever, malaria and the crippling chikungunya which is spread by mosquitos. The name chikungunya is a Kimakonde word meaning ‘to become contorted’.

Oxford Journal notes that patients describe the pain associated with chikungunya as the worst that they’ve ever experienced. In 1955 a doctor wrote that “the pain was frightening in its severity, completely immobilizing many patients”. The CDC’s J. Erin Staples, MD, PhD gave a teleconference on the spread of chikungunya in the Caribbean saying “We expect chikungunya to continue to spread to other areas in the Americas”.
Human rights abuses in Obama’s detainment camps are believed to be the rule, not the exception.

Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), told Breitbart that she was particularly worried about the possibility of illegals carrying norovirusShe said:

“Norovirus is also an extremely contagious virus with symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, all we need is one outbreak of that virus and we would have an overwhelming public health crisis.” (emphasis added)

Perhaps the most frightening reports reveal that drug-resistant, often incurable tuberculosis is spreading throughout the detainment camps. Many of those infected later board commercial airliners, sharing close-quarters with scores of unsuspecting travelers and potential hosts. One can scarcely imagine a better way to create a tuberculosis epidemic.

Author’s Note: Since I began this article, EV68 has been reported in at least two other states, for a total of twelve.

Paralysis and fatalities resulting from EV68 are believed to occur in only a minority of cases, but for the United States even a small number of children killed or permanently disabled because of a communicable disease represents a shocking regression of our national standard of living. While some parents have wisely removed their children from public school this year, the majority of Americans have stood idly by as the regime in D.C. has utilized the interconnectedness of today’s world to engineer what may prove to be the most widespread and rapidly advancing pandemic in human history.

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