Lois Lerner Flees From Reporters, Hilarity Ensues

The Foxhole

Jason Matera is doing the job the GOP should be.

From the Universal Free Press.

Screenshot (347)

Apparently Lois Lerner’s neighbors feel the same way as much of the U.S., and they made it perfectly clear they don’t want anything to do with her when she sought shelter during an unwanted interview.

Jason Mattera is a conservative author and radio host, and the bane of Lerner’s existence.

Mattera recently spotted Lerner walking her dog at her neighborhood in Washington D.C., and attempted to pressure some answers out of her.

Lerner is under fire for using her position at the IRS to target conservative groups. She came into criticism for allegedly losing years-worth of messages detailing her guilt.

Fleeing to her neighbor’s house, Lerner is seen begging her neighbor to let her inside.

Soon the man of the house approaches and asks what she’s doing there. Mattera responds that Lerner is trying to…

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