Man Shoots from Passing Car Widow Near “Benchwarmers” in Downtown Salisbury, N.C. Saturday

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♦ Salisbury Police caught up with Jaquan Kamai Morris, 24, allegedly after he fired shots from the rolled down window of a Nissan Altima as it passed by “Benchwarmers Bar” on Brick Street in downtown Salisbury. Soon after blazing away with his handgun, Morris was arrested and charged with of going armed to the terror of the public and discharging a firearm within the city limits.

The alleged shooter was found slumped over in the passenger side of the Altima after the Police stopped the car at the “Square”.  Morris had to be shaken to bring him to his senses. A holstered handgun sat in the alleged shooter’s lap. The driver was awake, but another passenger was passed out in the rear seat with marijuana rolled up in a one-dollar bill.

A lone witness on the sidewalk near Benchwarmers noticed someone blazing away from the car window as it cruised by.  No one was hit by any of the bullets.

Morris, a resident at…

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2 thoughts on “Man Shoots from Passing Car Widow Near “Benchwarmers” in Downtown Salisbury, N.C. Saturday

  1. kevin

    where is the punishment. non existent and people wonder why this kind of crap keeps happening. this is specifically why it is so important to know what the Judges stand for and which judges to vote in or out. but the truth is, “people are stupid and lazy”

  2. kevin

    Don’t agree with me? FACT, 1,399,013 that’s one million three hundred and ninety nine thousand and thirteen people in this state voted FOR a Constitutional Amendment to waive your right to a trial by a jury! There are over 6.5 million registered voters in this state so YES! Stupid and Lazy are accurate.

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