Tell Jeb Bush “NO THANK YOU”

Establishment Anoints Jeb Bush!    Do you remember the last time the GOP controlled Congress? What did we get? We got higher taxes, bigger government, and less freedom!  Why? The establishment, lead by the Bush family, worked with liberals and RINO’s to bargain away our Constitutional rights.

Now get ready for the RETURN OF THE KING. It’s not official yet…but the Bush clan is preparing to takeover once again.

Jeb Bush plots Bush III!

Sources confirm that former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, has been traveling State to State, quietly gathering support for a Presidential run in ‘16. He raised millions of dollars during the last election cycle, working overtime to elect RINO Republicans who will support his run for the White House.

Now, post-election, a powerful network of Bush loyalists secretly awaits his announcement. In fact, we’ve learned that Jeb recently met with high-dollar donors at an exclusive hotel in Columbia, South Carolina, where supporters paid $10,000 a plate to meet with Bush and discuss his candidacy.

All-out Assault on the Tea Party!

The Tea Party desires limited government as described in the U.S. Constitution. The establishment, lead by the Bush family, will bargain away our free enterprise system and our traditional values.

Here’s why YOU should be AFRAID of Bush III:

Bush III helped create Common Core with Obama’s Secretary of Education!

Bush III calls amnesty an “act of love” and supports liberal amnesty legislation!

Bush III welcomes gay marriage and supports adoption by gay couples!

Bush III says Republicans should “show restraint” when attacking Obama.

Bush III says he supports “compromise” on tax increase legislation!

Do you want another Bush in the White House?

Did you know Jeb Bush was a member of the Socialist Club at Andover College? His progressive ideas go all the way back to college. So here’s what will happen if Jeb Bush sits in the Oval Office:

Mitch McConnell and John Boenher will write continue to write our laws!

People like Karl Rove will lobby RINO’s to support liberal Bush policy!

Bush-run media will run an all-out assault on the Tea Party!

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