The Major Issues of the 2015 Salisbury, N.C. City Council Election: Issue I–Municipal Transparency

Rowan Free Press

Steve Mensing, Editor

♦  Certainly one of the largest issues in the upcoming 2015 Salisbury’s City Council election is the city government’s extreme lack of transparency.  It was witnessed in the cover-up of the former city manager’s “mutual termination” and “golden parachute”.  Information that clearly best be made available in response to public information requests according to state statutes is repeatedly dodged by the city.  In fact a number of public information requests were not fulfilled or given incomplete answers by the City Clerk.  This kind of behavior does not fly in honest and transparent governments.

Salisbury NC City Manager Doug Paris

The public has a “need to know” about how the city conducts its business.  There is a steel curtain around our city’s municipal government.  Dodging public information requests is likely the number one symptom that something is not right in any government.

Here is just a sampling of articles and Letters-to-the-Editor about the City of Salisbury dodging information requests and City…

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