The Major Issues of the 2015 Salisbury, N.C.’s City Council Election: Issue VI–Inequitable Exchange with Salisbury’s Forcibly Annexed

Rowan Free Press

Steve Mensing, Editor

♦  A huge issue for Salisbury City Council is Salisbury’s inequitable treatment of its forcibly annexed residents.  The city of Salisbury city council needs to do the right  thing and voluntarily de-annex those forcibly annexed neighborhoods suffering callous bondage to the city.  Voluntarily de-annexation would be a wise and empathetic choice for the city to make.  Another possible option might be for the bully of the county to offer the forcibly annexed something worthwhile to remain captive.  Its apparent to anyone studying the forcibly annexed folks’ plight that they received no equitable exchange for being taken over.  The forcibly annexed, never desiring to be part of Salisbury, lost big.  Let’s consider what they lost:

• Their property tax rate doubled.

• Many were forced to pay in the vicinity of over $5,000 to run water and sewer lines out to the curb when they already had wells and septic tanks up to code.

• Salisbury duplicated already…

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