Robbing the Revolutionary Communist Party USA of its innocent children

By Judi McLeod  January 4, 2015 

It’s early days in 2015.  Do you know where your children and grandchildren are?

Well on their way to a Common Core-trained empty life of Communism, where only the elite like Barack Obama’s children and his top advisor Valerie Jarrett’s daughter and potential grandchildren can possibly escape it.

While out and out communism is making hostages of the children, worried and looking for intervention is where their parents and grandparents should be.

Let there be no room for lost time through second guessing.  The violent blowback to the Michael Brown, Eric Garner shootings is not—and never was—a spontaneous, grassroots uprising by an anonymous Black community.  It’s a deliberate, long-planned organized agenda that was devised by the Bob Avakian-led Revolutionary Communist Party, USA; proof of which can easily be found by Googling.

This is the message anyone can find on the homepage: “Wilson Has Walked. Amerikka must come To A Halt! There is Righteous Resistance And You Must Be Part of It!!!”

According to,  “Ferguson is everywhere.” America is spelled in such a way that it’s automatically relegated to the KKK category.

Avakian is not crying wolf, he IS the wolf.

What’s this got to do with Obama and Jarrett?Everything so long as their stony silence pretends what’s happening is not happening, and as long as they allow home-bred Communists to entice anarchy onto American streets.

Think about this: No one in the Obama administration is speaking out about the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, leading ongoing street protests complete with looting and burning and ones that have already led to the “execution-style’ murders of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, whose heartbreaking funeral is today.

No major news outlet other than a handful of alternative news sites like Canada Free Press (CFP) are warning American citizens that Communists, fomenting for Revolution, have now brought the Revolution out onto the streets.

Americans everywhere, give the heads up to your gullible neighbors. This is no time for adult babes in the wood.

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